Friday, 8 February 2019

Movements and achievements!

Rainbow in February! That is a true art of Gods nature!

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Let You 2 Check It Out!

Two another amazing works by Naomi Lowri.

I had meeting with her about a week ago and her inspiration and the way she describes the colors she using for each individual work is very magical! Is hard to write it down but clearly you can see she has got a style and precise eye to key details of each work!

Saturday, 2 February 2019

How to live in: Happy Freedom life

We all chasing something in our life's-let it be new car, new Rolex, promotion, more turnover in the business! But what makes our day, month, year happy?
Where do we find happiness?
Frankly "happiness-is a moment that we able to create our selves... Let me share my 5 habits to keep my self happy!

Habit No. 1

Stop over think about the things!-All my life been told and almost stressed that if you not sure 100% don't do it! Think about every step and create steps and plans if things go wrong. So most of the time I would think that my next step most likely to be disaster rather successes...-so that makes you feel down and not happy because problems over come progress and makes me/you feel tensed and anxious! So stop over think about small details! Think prepare and do things you like!!!

Habit No. 2

 Be active-run, walk or exercise!- When ever I spent as little as 15 minutes run around a block make feel great and energized for good part of my day. It gives me buzz and I plan my day ahead while on my own. It pays huge dividend on my mood and physique. Also once in a while like to cycle as far as possible stop for a random coffee think and comeback! Great motivation!

Habit No.3

Helping others in anything I can be helpful!- Sounds not beneficial  for anyone when you gotta deal with loads of own stuff but even studies proved that there is 40% chances of getting what ever you want in your life after you been helping someone. Check this out here

Habit No. 4

Cut the small Talk- Love very short small meetings because it creates professional atmosphere and "message is clear about the meetings". Stop gossiping, yapping, creating rumors unless is your professional job!

Habit No. 5

Always grow- I believe in that Can get better in many fields and subjects of my life and improving my skills on daily and weekly basis-achieving my own goals makes me Super Happy!

Lets be happy!!!

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Happy or Joy?

What is the best to be happy or have joy to live a life?

What is difference between two?

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Why Not 10PM Night!

City at Night time! Love, Purpose and dream finding it out at this time of long working day! Good Night!

Monday, 21 January 2019

Look after yourself today, to live well next day!!! #livinginden

“Excuses. Excuses. Excuses- Cut that S*** Up and Sort yourself out”- That’s when our friendship stopped

What stops us from having best moments, memorable walks, visiting unfamiliar places, play around and being ourselves?

Hmmm…I bet now you start to think about all those wonderful picturesque images in your mind where you wish to be! The fantasy and illusion of perfect landscapes are always in the mind! But why YOU don’t appreciate what is around you?

Now, imagine you put all your months salary on “0” and wining it…JACKPOT! WOO-HOOO!!! Your offer to travel to those beaches and Alps, and fine cuisine restaurant available to you! Without a shadow of doubt, you be “weeing your pants from excitement”

Story of my life…Become sick, no energy, ill on my vacation (but I didn’t win JACKPOT-never gamble). What if you can`t climb those mountains and run on those beaches, visit capitals and vine villages? What/who you will blame?

Guarantee-most of us and myself will curse the time, the luck, the circumstances, weather and clothing. Sadly, none of those matters are responsible for my condition at the time.
One who to blame for this-myself! Only us- YOU! I MEAN IT! Only you who is to be cursed and made responsible!!!

Look after your self today to live well next day!!!

Why haven’t I? Why didn’t make my self-prepared? If, I have been little health cautious and kept my self-fit, would of this happened? Oh well finding this out leads to many more questions!
All of us and myself would say oh I got no time, too busy, many things in my plan…Well for the last 7 months I will never agree that someone has no time! IT`S the WORST excuse anybody can come up with! “CUT THAT SHIT UP>>>”

God gave us 24hours in a given day, it`s up to me, you, your mum, boyfriends, friend, enemy on how to put those hours into useful practice. Having a healthy body is not all about to look like idol!

Whatever human size and shape, if he can live without the need of medicine- he is healthy! And to be that human YOU need to have a good balanced lifestyle!

15 minutes quick jog around a block is best recommendation for anyone! It doesn’t cost a penny! Because am sure everyone has pair of shoes which be good for little run…

YOU ARE GOING MAD AT ME-but trust me it helps my body and so it will make you fitter!
Show your Facebook friends your new pictures of unfamiliar places you run through! Let it be your motivation to see new places every single day of neighborhood you live in! Find something attractive or valuable enough to post-so it creates motivation that feeds your dedication and sharing progress in social media will give you buzz of all those “likes” and “thumb ups”

YOU BELIEVE IN MY WORDS- after this will look at your life in unique way! But don`t forget to keep it healthy eat well and sleep well!

So look, forget about those amazing beaches and magnificent views from Alps-if you can`t keep up with those jogging local activities in your neighborhood that keeps you fit-will never enjoy truly amazing views around a planet because you not be able to reach them!

Fly in High Blue Sky

I live my day like there is million tomorrows and keeping my self in good form! Be up and bright-don`t fear anything scary on your path because fear creates sadness and bitterness in your life!
Be Straight and Fly like an eagle in High Sky!