Monday, 7 January 2019

Coffee for Lunch and Small Stuff!

Grey Seal Coffee Shop
Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk
My Mum`s words of   "Yes Den, small thing very important in life! Tidy bed, pen in the same place, note pad is always with you, toothbrush in holder and many other things that makes your life stress free! Are very important!"

It is very true because without right things we always be miserable because those little things be "pi**ing you off" so much that you be tired to achieve you big goals!

To make orgasmic coffee you need to do everything right! 64Celcious milk is always right for the latte! But rushing half way through and make it faster you might end up with flat or too much and it be burnt disaster!

Ladies and gentleman lets sweat our small stuff in order to achieve our goals!!!

Have a fantastic day!


1 comment:

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