Thursday, 17 January 2019

Friendship is Hard Work but worth more then gold or Money! #limitless

We Had A Great Ride

Family and friends are two very important tool boxes to take along if at all one must really be fully equipped in life, most times when you need to fix yourself up, you dig into your toolbox and find just the right tool or should I say the person that would do just the right job. The family is important, but friends are more important.

I would say I found not just the best business partner, the best friend one could ever wish for or want in their entire lifetime, for this I am and would forever remain grateful. However the time came for this drinking party to be over, but we end not on a sad note, but rather a joyful note. Having tea with you would always be remembered, you shared my thoughts and burdens, it was in this that friendship was developed and built on, can't even begin to go down the road of all what we've been through, I would literally begin to tear up.

Our success was and still remains a thing of a surprise to everyone who knew us, no one thought we would make it out with our crazy idea's and methods, but here we are, years later, standing tall and fulfilled. They thought we were reaching too far, but with our hard work, but we've shown them it's a dividend, how it pays off real good.

It's not just partnership with you, I found a long life friend in you, we shared everything together; happiness, our down times and so much more, I've immensely learned from you and I've been shaped by your charisma, you are a one in a lifetime kind of person. Our travels together are worth more than money or gold can pay for, nights we spent drinking wine and laughing at clueless jokes, will forever be cherished and adored. We still have many more travels in our blood, you should know and hopefully, we get to meet again, someday, somewhere, sometime.

Saying goodbye hurts so much, but it is expedient, I have memories of wonderful times here, and with you and that's all the encouragement and push I need. I have come to the end of my journey here, but I encourage you to keep up the good work. Sadly I have to go, but you made the journey here so much better and worth the while. Thank you for having me, it was a wonderfully bumpy ride.



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