Monday, 14 January 2019


Grew up like every other teenager of late 90`s-watching glam magazines, obsessed with cool cars and moshed spirit with Ska music. Loving all this; still liked to be different, used to wear torn clothes in smart casual way and showcasing that I could create something out of nothing! Used to throw budget parties where everyone would be quite tipsy because knew how to make alcohol work affectively on 17-year-old “kidz” In school been creating some weirdly wonderful art pieces that even my lecturer was buying of me because it was that good! So I knew then that I will be creative entrepreneur that creates possibilities and opportunities for both sides-custom and staff.

Have decided that time I will never work under anyone and will always be working for myself-which 3 year I had to work for somebody to get and master my craft.

So, I set off to work. To make success. make sure that my dream will come true is hard and will never be achieved because there is no end for success and end to creativity!

Until awakening of who I want to be, I had taken lessons and trainings in loads of different classes and scholarships, but doing my own thing was a completely different ball game! There was no rules to obey, notes to follow and that moment when decision time came-to decide on rules and steps were going to be. Next requirement was of whole new way of thinking, functioning, listening and seeing to become good leader, creator and employer.

Easiest things to do on this earth is to consume, getting inspired, following instructions but when you switch from consumer to a creator, brain start to think about things I never thought about before!

Shifting my lazy arse from coach and start creating new jobs, new opportunities for others-are hard! Wasn’t always sure-was going to be able to do it! Because is so overwhelming and exciting while you don’t realise that you have life’s to feed and provide them financial security and their dream job. Yet! When I shifted from consuming happy moments to a creator of amazing human experiences, my life changed dramatically!

For the first time, working hard and getting everything right and creating own regular customers been essential, listened to them, finding out their needs and experiences and try to replicate and create them myself! When first contractors and employees came in to work for me-that when all demanding work has started!  For the first time I started to really appreciate the power of other people skills and how easy my life can be with someone else holding up, my business. Appreciating other people skills- skill on its own! Paying attention to needs of customer and your staff is something am still learning every single time and it blows my mind how important it is! Pay attention to your staff and they will look after your clients!

To master the craft of great relation and experience for staff and customers is an art-that I be talking about later this month-keep your eyes open!

Becoming a creator and not a consumer of any experience turned me from receiver into a producer and giving me inspirational feeling and ability to create more new things and be aware of what happening around me. Everything became potential but with ability to sense if it possible to create a success!

My mind became active gatherer and hunter of ideas and plans! Ideas kept popping in my life all the time. To gather and capture them very quickly before they disappear -had to become a friend with my “black-book” carrying it everywhere!

Eventually, reached my dream and goal that been called inspirational entrepreneur in award ceremony in Norfolk Business Chambers. It didn’t happen by luck or by sitting on couch and watching Hollyoaks-it happened because of the SHIFT from couch. Maybe I should of gone to “Draggons Den” and asked for investment to help me to create and get my dream done and they would of invested in me. But most likely I Would’ve not done very well because no one can create anyone, we have to create ourselves!
Providing good service, relation and offers is my muse. It taught me everything I need up to this date how to be creator! It shook and awakened all my senses and it opened half of the world for me! Yet more to come!

Everything can be a seed for an idea and don’t let 8hours of TV be your fertiliser because if you not careful you might kill that seed!
Please be focused and curious. Consume is easy, but can you be next inspiration?! Please be the one I hear about on the news! By procuring and giving back to world you will become infinitely curious about life-the life will become richer and more interesting place to be! Don’t fear mistakes because they will show how awesome you are when successful!
My Challenge to You!

Have a think! Books, Music, Perfumes, Art, Business, Films? Maybe you want to become like your acquaintance in college that writes great stories, or work-buddy who created new cool dairies? Instead of observing I dear you to create something new and inspiring! It doesn’t need to be a business module but something that at least will give your love and warmth to someone who will USE your things!
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