Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Thoughts and Phrases Of The Day!

Lunch with Ludwig; Korean Sticky beef and Shrimp Rice and Lamb Chop in Korean BBQ sauce

Travelling to London and back by train gives almost 2 hours of sitting reading, thinking and maybe sometimes talking to strangers-that I really love!
I don`t have resolutions for 2019 but I have very strong plans! So many things to do-only God and good people around can help to pull things out and have another fantastic year! My plan will be published on here #myplan
I had 3 good tips from 3 random friends how to get there where you want to be!

  1. Look-"You got everything you need, car, house, partner, job and good money-but the SH** doesn't add up, careful what sort of people you mix around with!"
  2. To achieve anything in this life you have to be active physically, mentally, socially! Never give up on success even if you still failing!
  3. True love it is not easily angered and it keeps no record of wrongs!

Lets keep our heads up, re look if we are around wrong people that might drag us down from our goals and success. Can we start our morning with strong good coffee and then go for 30min run around a block, come back do our own daily tasks?! and we will see in short space of time we will have right people around us who will support us through anything!

Thanks Ladies and Gentleman!
Have a fantastic rest of the day


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