Saturday, 2 February 2019

How to live in: Happy Freedom life

We all chasing something in our life's-let it be new car, new Rolex, promotion, more turnover in the business! But what makes our day, month, year happy?
Where do we find happiness?
Frankly "happiness-is a moment that we able to create our selves... Let me share my 5 habits to keep my self happy!

Habit No. 1

Stop over think about the things!-All my life been told and almost stressed that if you not sure 100% don't do it! Think about every step and create steps and plans if things go wrong. So most of the time I would think that my next step most likely to be disaster rather successes...-so that makes you feel down and not happy because problems over come progress and makes me/you feel tensed and anxious! So stop over think about small details! Think prepare and do things you like!!!

Habit No. 2

 Be active-run, walk or exercise!- When ever I spent as little as 15 minutes run around a block make feel great and energized for good part of my day. It gives me buzz and I plan my day ahead while on my own. It pays huge dividend on my mood and physique. Also once in a while like to cycle as far as possible stop for a random coffee think and comeback! Great motivation!

Habit No.3

Helping others in anything I can be helpful!- Sounds not beneficial  for anyone when you gotta deal with loads of own stuff but even studies proved that there is 40% chances of getting what ever you want in your life after you been helping someone. Check this out here

Habit No. 4

Cut the small Talk- Love very short small meetings because it creates professional atmosphere and "message is clear about the meetings". Stop gossiping, yapping, creating rumors unless is your professional job!

Habit No. 5

Always grow- I believe in that Can get better in many fields and subjects of my life and improving my skills on daily and weekly basis-achieving my own goals makes me Super Happy!

Lets be happy!!!

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